Shipping Policy

Shipping Policies and Procedures

Here is pretty much everything you'll need to know about our shipping policy and procedures! If you have any questions at all, our customer support team will be glad to handle them.

  • Kyurated offers 100% Free Shipping on all orders! No matter where it's shipped to. We offer this as a courtesy to all customers due to how we source and ship products. ​

​We have partnered with different manufacturers and suppliers from all over the World. Our most significant reasons for doing this are to be able to offer our community awesome products that may not be found elsewhere. It also helps to keep our prices as low as possible!

That being said, we do have to compromise slightly on how long it takes to get orders to our customers. 

  • All orders ship from USPS and typically get to customers between 5 and 9 business days on average, once the order has been processed. 

​We greatly appreciate your understanding and your patience in this matter. We know it isn't an ideal situation and we are doing our best to find ways to improve it. 

Need some help? Still have questions?... Get a hold of us here!