About Kyurated

The Origins of Kyurated

Everyone seems to glamorize the "we started with our last $50 and now we're here" story... and really, on a macro level, the start of Kyurated is pretty similar to most of those stories.

Okay, so it wasn't the last $50, but it was the last $145, which is pretty close given how (not) so far that will get you with the present value of the dollar. Anyway, the original idea for Kyurated was a few separate things coming together:

  1. Loving to provide value for people
  2. An utter distaste for anything resembling a "real job."
  3. Needing to bring in money to not go homeless.
  4. Wanting to help people less fortunate.

From there, things started to develop reasonably quick. Given the simplicity of e-commerce and the costs of opening something physical, an online only store was the only option. Plus, it allows us to pass the reduction of overhead on to our customers in the form of heavily discounted products.

With the building of our e-commerce site, we found ourselves developing connections with manufacturers and suppliers of different and interesting, yet affordable merchandise. Operating under the thought that if we think it's cool, there has to be at least one or two other people out there in the interwebs that think it's pretty sweet too. 

Alright, so we had an idea of how we could provide value, generate revenue and stay out of suits and ties. Next came trying to figure out giving back. We certainly wanted to put our efforts to good use and since our business is built around supplying people with items that they want and don't necessarily need, we figured the obvious move was helping those out who don't have what they need to survive. 

That is why we have committed half of all net profits to help feed those that are food insecure through donating to Feeding America. Monthly, we will donate half of all profits, after expenses to help feed the roughly 37 million people in the United States that face hunger, around 1/3rd of which are children.

So... in a nutshell, that's Kyurated. We would like to thank you for taking some time out of your day to read about who we are and for supporting us, as well as supporting the hungry!